DAWAT-UL-HAQUE YATEEMKHANA: Once was a dream of local community! Now it becomes a reality, atleast upto its ground floor, where about 200 under privileged children have a roof. The cost of construction for toilets and bathrooms, kitchens, drinking water facilities and many other small infrastructures have developed from direct contributions of so many kind hearted persons scattered all over the country and around the planet. The JGJOUS on behalf of local people is highly obliged to all of them. However, the construction of DAWAT-UL-HAQUE YATEEMKHANA have not only planned for an orphanage but apart from this would be a platform for a multi dimensional socio-academic approach to facilitate opportunities to build up good persons for the society. Will it not be a good appreciation for all of us to see those children who once forced to be parentless next become such a good human being? Now the project is in its full run and we welcome everyone to join us.

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DAWAT-UL-HAQUE MADRASSA: In the year 2011-12 JGJOUS, got a land from Mst. Chhopura Khatun Gazi at BOROPOLE areas of village- DHANANJOYPUR, P.O. DULATPUR, BLOCK-Mandir Bazar, Dist-24 Pgs. South, West Bengal (India) and Public Health Engineering Directorate Govt. Of WB had constructed the building for the said madrassa under MLAlad contributions of then MLA Dr. Tapati Saha. Today’s about 200 students are enrolled in the madrassa. The enrolment is overwhelming day by day.

Skill/ Vocational Training Centre: The organization is also running a vocational training centre in the above campus. The main focus of skill training sectors are local market oriented for micro entrepreneurs and obvious eco friendly trades. Few such trades are goatry, coconut plantations, dry floral crafts and shola piths crafts making, tailoring and ready made garments, cycle van rickshaw based trades on the wheel, etc.

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OWZOO khana’s: The organization helps remote and economically under privileged muslim communities in Indian Sundarbans through constructing concrete OWZOO Khanas (washroom preparing for namaz).