Free Distribution Of Cycle Van Rickshaw

Water Project

Festivals: During month of holy Ramadan, the numbers of IFTAR PARTY’s and IFTAR SEHERI were organized for the local muslim communities. In those programs the invitees participated with great holy spirit and enthusiasm in different villages in the locality. Foods are served as per as per local muslim rituals among participants after long day hardship of fasting. Apart from these there was number of religious responsibilities of the JGJOUS during every festive seasons when under privileged muslims to donate in relations of ZAKAT, FITRA, KAFFARA, SADAQA, etc. Apart from these the organization also distributes clothes. All these activities of the JGJOUS are supported by the philanthropic person’s worldwide.


Social Awareness program for women: Different awareness programs for local women are organized every year related to different issues like mother and child care, low cost nutrition, women empowerment, social and house hold sanitations, gender equality, human rights, Self Help Groups and leadership developments. Beside these JGJOUS also annually arrange costs of marriages and weddings for poor girls in the local areas.

Sensitization of safe drinking water among local community: On occasion of MOHARRUM, every year, sensitization of safe drinking water and benefits of saving water are communicated among hundreds of local people through lectures, demonstrations and rallies.


Help to poor and meritorious local students: The organization is proud to help about 30 poor and meritorious students in the locality to secure higher ranks in Madhyamik (Secondary) and Higher Secondary. Such helps are in terms of books, money, citations in award given ceremonies to encourage their future successes. This event mostly organizes on 15th August, Independence Day of the country every year.

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